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It was during Tropical Storm Stan in October 2005, that our friend Pastor Jose Luis Ordonez found 40 Mayan Quiche families, a little more 200 people, in the mountains of Escuintla, Guatemala, who were hiding and taking refuge in the woods homeless, cold and hungry. Many adults and children became sick due to being exposed to the rainstorms and difficult weather conditions. This was the beginning of the Mayan community of Tabacal men and women, who because of their poverty, lack of resources and work opportunities in their communities to support their families; moved from their land of origin in the mountains of Quiche to the South Coast in Escuintla to look for work opportunities in the sugar cane fields and harvesting coffee, many times earning less than the minimum wage and only having four months of work a year.

Work of compassion and Generosity from the Body of Christ

Since that time, 11 years have passed, and El Tabacal is an established community where all families have their own homes thanks to the generosity of many people, churches, Christian and Missionary organizations that have supported this noble work. In the village there is a church, an elementary school, and a community meeting room. Most importantly, these families own their land which each family has paid for by their hard work.

Throughout the years our family and the My Father's House Ministry has been able to show the love of God in practical ways by supporting, helping and contributing to the development of this community.

In the last 6 years we have built the Center for Christian Family Development, which is a multi-use purpose building that will have 7 classrooms, a full kitchen and a dining room with a capacity for 200 people at a cost of more than $150,000.00. In January 3, 2017 we plan use this building to start a Middle Christian School program where we know and have faith that many young people and Christian leaders will be trained to make a difference in their communities and help build the kingdom of the Lord on this earth.

We need your help to continue making this dream come true

In the last 5 years many Tabacal children have been able to finish elementary school, but not middle or high school due to lack of resources and funding. Our goal for the next 5 years is to develop a Christian education plan for secondary education.

We currently have 15 students that are ready to start using our 7 classroom elementary school, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us such as completing the finishing work and equipping the classrooms with what they need. We ask for your prayers and support for this project that God had put on our hearts.

Christian Elementary School

In order to start using the Christian Elementary School in Tabacal by January 2017, we need to raise $50,000.00 which will be used for the following purposes:

  • Two-Teacher Salary Payment for the 2017 School Cycle.

  • Desks, blackboards, supplies and books for the classroom.

  • A library.

  • 10 laptops or desktop computers.

  • Installation of doors, windows, floors, toilets, electricity, kitchen finishings and equipment, stove, refrigerator and accessories.

  • Food Program for students.

Ways to get involved

There is still a lot of work to make this dream that God put in our hearts become a reality and we want to invite you to be a part of helping us achieve it. Below are the different ways you can get involved:

  • Pray and share this vision with others, your family, friends, colleagues at work and your Church.

  • Put us in contact with charitable organizations and companies that may want to support this project.

  • Help us organize fundraising events.

  • Send a donation to support this project. Your donations to My Father's House Ministry are tax deductible.

Finally, if you have already come to Guatemala and have had the blessing of supporting and working on this project, we ask you to come back. If you have never come we invite you to get involved and be a part of this work. We will be waiting for you with open arms.

Thank you for being a part of this awesome project.

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