our story

My wife and I know from personal experience the power of God, and the transformation and miracles He performs in the lives of the ones who believe in Him. 
In the last 17 years God opened doors for us to serve Him in the ministry of Jesus Christ. We have had the privilege to preach and share the gospel with many and see firsthand his power and love for people, rich and poor, wise and foolish.
 Our service began in 1993, doing Bible studies in homes, reaching out the Hispanic community in Dayton Ohio.  We then planted a Church and became Pastors.  In 1999 we helped to organize the first short missions trip from Fairhaven church, our home church, to Guatemala, my home country.

Over the last 16 years we have done Missions Ministry in Guatemala with medical, construction, youth, adult and family teams, it was during this time, Heidi and I felt the call to serve in Guatemala as a full time missionaries and in the year 2004 we moved with our children, Charles, Daniel and Allyson to Guatemala. 

In the year 2008 God put in our heart to open a non-denominational non for profit organization and there is when Welcome To My Father’s House was born and our vision to empower people to reach their God giving potential has continue to grow and our organization continues to support local communities, ministries and individuals in the areas of evangelism, education, community development, medical, construction, and sports through creating partnerships with work teams from United Sates churches, organizations and individuals who come to work with us in the mission field.